Wine List


Wine List

Large selection of Wines and Champagnes


White wines are designated numbers 1 to 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 being the sweetest.

  • £13.95

    Country of origin: Chile
    A delightfully crisp and refreshing white wine. Citrus fruit aromas and floral
    notes combine on the nose. On the palate, a balanced acidity, light body and a lasting finish.

    -Btl £13.95 - 125ml £2.95 - 175ml £3.95 - 250ml £4.95-

  • £13.95
  • Garganega-Pinot Grigio, s (2) - (12%)

    Country of origin: Veneto, Italy

    Light and leafy with a hint of pear and blossom. An easygoing match for almost anything.

    -Btl £13.95 - 125ml £2.95 - 175ml £3.95 - 250ml £4.95

  • £14.95
  • Unwooded Chardonnay, Huntersville, (2) - (14.5%)

    Country of origin: Swartland, South Africa

    Light, fresh and easy, young Chardonnay with not an ounce of oak to confound the bright purity of lemony tropical fruit. An exceptional wine.

  • £16.95
  • Chenin Blanc, GoldCoast, (2) - (12.5%)

    Country of origin: Western Cape, South Africa

    Fresh and bright with lively sherbet and lime aromas and a floral vivacity. Light and zippy with plenty of apple and pineapple with citrus flavours lifted up into a racy, mineral finish. Just brilliant.

  • £26.95
  • Pinot Grigio, Miopasso, (2) - (13%)

    Country of origin: Sicily, Italy

    Rich and rounded with distinct floral, apple and citrus notes. On the palate it shows honeyed, nutty flavours balanced by crisp, lemony acidity with good weight and texture through to the finish.


Red wines are designated letters A to E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest with a concentrated flavour.

  • £13.95
  • Merlot - Santa Helena (C) - (13%)

    Country of origin: Central Valley, Chilie

    Soft, ripe, rounded and packed with plummy spice and red fruit flavours.

    A very gentle texture supports plenty of blackberry and bramble fruit, A real over performer!

    -Btl £13.95 - 125ml £2.95 - 175ml £3.95 - 250ml £4.95 -

  • £13.95
  • Shiraz, Gulara, NV, S.E (C) - (13.5%)

    Country of origin: Australia

    A juicy, youthful Shiraz with plenty of bramble fruit and a hint of pepper.

    -Btl £13.95 - 125ml £2.95 - 175ml £3.95 - 250ml £4.95 -

  • £14.95
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Rumours, 2013/14 (C) - (12.5%)

    Country of origin: S.E. Australia

    Bright cassis and blackcurrant fruit with underlying chocolate vanilla oak tones which carry through to the palate then burst with ripe fruit sweetness on the finish.

  • £15.95
  • Primitivo-Negroamaro, Gran Rosso, 2012/13 (C) - (13.5%)

    Country of origin: Solento, Italy

    Intense, full and complex with dark chocolate and black cherry character. A wonderful food wine with plenty of body and structure for hearty dishes.

  • £19.95
  • Rioja Crianza, Cormoran, (C) - (14%)

    Country of origin: Rioja, Spain

    Dark cherry red. Clean with intense ripe fruit, liquorice and toasted notes. This wine is rich and rounded in the mouth with a lovely long finish.

  • £19.95
  • Malbec, Tamari, (C) - (13.5%)

    Country of origin: Mendoza, Argentina

    Soft red fruit notes with elegantly smooth tannins and a lingering finish. A great example of Argentina’s hallmark red wine.

  • £26.95
  • Pinot Noir Vat 10, De Bortoli, (C) - (12.5%)

    Country of origin: S.E. Australia

    Intensely concentrated with strawberry and spice flavours, the wine shows true varietal character and is well structured with lovely, silky tannins and deliciously ripe fruit. An outstanding Pinot in its class.


Rosé wines are designated numbers 1 to 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 being the sweetest.

  • £13.95
  • Zinfandel Blush, Island Fox, (3) - (11.5%)

    Country of origin: Puglia, Italy

    This is Italy’s take on the ever-popular sweet Zinfandel rosé that California does so well! It is sweet and juicy with fruit salad flavours, a lighter body and lower alcohol.

    -Btl £13.95 - 125ml £2.95 - 175ml £3.95 - 250ml £4.95

  • £14.95
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Santa Helena, (2) - (12.5%)

    Country of origin: Central Valley, Chile

    Attractive, bright colour, with a light, crisp, clean taste. Perfect refreshment.



Selection of Champagnes and Sparkling wine.


Range of Champagne and Sparkling Wines

  • £18.95
  • Prosecco, Borgo Sanleo 11%

    Country of origin: Italy

    Intense floral fruity bouquet.
    A wonderfully fresh and well balanced appley palate with just a hint of delicate almond

  • £19.95
  • Raboso Rosé Spumante, Botter, (2) 11%

    Country of origin: Italy

    Dazzling pink fizz that is soft and well-balanced on the palate, with a
    sherbet cherry touch

  • £29.95
  • Ponsard Brut, NV (1) - (12.5%)

    Country of origin: Champagne, France

    Champagne Ponsard is a sous label from the renowned de Castellaine in Epernay, which is owned by the Laurent-Perrier group. It has a delicious full yeasty aroma from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

  • £49.95
  • Taittinger Reserve Brut, NV (1) - (12%)

    Country of origin: Champagne, France

    A Champagne of particular finesse combining elegance with a creamy richness. Light and fresh, with plenty of lemony white fruit character and a little biscuity note of maturity and complexity.

  • £55.00

    Country of origin: Champagne, France

    Firm, with yeasty brioche notes following through to enrich the fruit
    flavour. Taut style and solid finish.